Consultancy for packing- & production industry

We have a technical heart. We want to offer the best technical consultancy to machines to perform better and to remain in better condition, so it will produce more efficient and with more stability.

In our utopia, machines can run without unplanned and unforeseen downtimes. Machines will, data driven, indicate to an operator that they require support to avoid downtimes. All of this will create a relaxed environment without stressed situations for both men and machine.

Machine performance, data and maintenance is what drives us. It’s our motivation to deliver the best technical consultancy for technical improvements. All of this, always under the return of investment motivation where we commit ourselves to the goal to gain more profits for our clients than our services cost.


Our approach is hands-on, our technical experts will sit down next to the machines to understand how the machines and operators work.

While gaining understanding and collecting data, we focus on what can be adjusted, what can be fixed and what need to be automized.

We are selective. We will only accept a case when we are convinced and have calculated, together with our clients, that our services will gain more profits than our services costs; when we are not convinced, we don’t start the project, in order to protect our customers.

We help operators to understand the technique. Together with men and machine we set up targeted cleaning and maintenance instructions and we will train the operators and factory engineers how to use these tools.

That’s how we improve machines, working with machines and how we ensure more production stability and higher performance.

What we offer

Lots of consultancy types and methods are available for clients that wish to improve a process. Our main focus is on what we do best: technical consultancy for machines. That is what we offer to improve machines.

Asset management

  • Machine adjustment instructions & stability
  • Operator instructions OPL & SOP Root cause tool development
  • Operator ownership – Training & education
  • Breakdown analyzing, continuous improvement & upgrades development
  • Data driven improvements

Different types of maintenance:

  • Self-service maintenance
  • Data/hour based preventive maintenance
  • Data based predictive breakdown prevention