Machinery, Installations & Asset upgrade engineering

We like to build unique and special machines.
That’s why we look for unique markets, with their unique struggles, needs and ideas, spotting for changes to reach more efficiency and less waste.

In the packing- & production industry, the machine owners and users are all spotting for all sorts of improvements. We would like to team up to create targeted solutions and new techniques which are unique and efficiency driven.

That’s why we like to work in the packing- & production industry.


We want to discuss with leading production companies on the challenges, issues and wastes they have to face from time to time. We want to understand the root cause of every problem, waste or inefficient handling in the machine. Based on their inputs and ideas we will find a technical solution and work this out as a concept for machine building.

This is how we want to serve the packing- & production industry with custom fit solutions, based on their own priorities, budgets and requirements.

What we offer

As MaSol we offer solutions based on having brainstorm sessions with the end customers themselves. After intensive testing and redesigning in production environments, we will support our supplied machines intensive to improve the prototype in order to go in serial production or optimization of the prototype.

MaSol offers different types of partnership to the clients; one-off development where customer exclusivity will be part of the agreement, or the return of investment cooperation where the initial development partner will have a low-cost proven concept machine. In this case, MaSol will have the return on investment on follow-up sales to other parties, as well as services on supplied equipment in the fields. The customer’s issues and ideas and our solutions will be the basic for our partnership.