MSE MaSol moves into larger company premises.
Between the ongoing projects there is a lot of work to be done in the hull business unit that we organize and furnish according to our own needs.

At MSE MaSol, we believe sustainable entrepreneurship is very important and a primary part of today’s entrepreneurship.

We want to make a positive contribution to the climate of the world for our next generations, which is one of the reasons why we have chosen this beautiful rental property at the Dolco – Dolfsma business park.

Besides the fact that we believe to get our CO2 contribution as minimal as possible, we also believe that the use of natural gas is no longer of this time for new installations. Despite the clean combustion of gas, we do not want to participate in the use of natural gas out of respect for the people of Groningen and their living and living environment.

Our business space is fully equipped with underfloor heating, which is fed by a heat pump. We use electric boilers for hot tap water. This means that we are completely natural gas free.
We obtain our electricity from the solar panels on top of the roof of our business premises.
Our landlord’s enormous solar panel installation generates more than enough capacity for our business operations.

Carlsonstraat 6c, 8263CA, Kampen
The Netherlands