Support for machinery

We care for machines, no matter the age, industry or speed. Keeping machines in good condition, monitoring closely and taking care on time is what we believe to be necessary to avoid long unplanned downtimes.

Data is key, no matter if its automized data collection or sitting down next to the machine and writing events and critical measurements down ourselves.

We design protocols for both adjustments, cleaning and maintenance instructions to stabilize machine condition and performance.

Machine performance, data and maintenance is what drives us. It’s our motivation to unburden our clients by offering the best technical support for operator satisfaction and machine stability.

Our care for operators is to guide them trough all continues improvement tools known from the different techniques, train them, educate them and setting up a root cause database with and for operators.


Our approach is hands-on. Our technical experts will sit down next to the machine to understand how the machine and operator work.

While gaining understanding and collecting data, we focus on what can be adjusted, what can be fixed and what need to be improved.

We unburden our customers by offering support by experienced technicians known with machine improvement protocols. We are well skilled, professional in handling issues with the right attention and care, reporting and logging and able to suggest improvements to protocols, machine or methods to overcome and avoid returning downtimes.

During stable machine runs, we don’t lean back. Our technicians will spend time on educating operators, helping them understand the set protocols and way of working and setting up a root-cause database.

That’s how we improve machines, working with machines and how we ensure more production stability and higher performance.

What we offer

Lots of consultancy types and methods are available for clients that wish to improve a process. Our main focus is on what we do best: offering technical consultancy & support for machines. That is what we offer to improve machines. Both on site and remotely.


  • A team technicians will review the OPL content based on the top unplanned stops and setup new OPL’s if the top stop reasons variate.

Machine adjustment instructions

  • MaSol technicians will set up a baseline adjustment instructions book fully based on the installed machines.
  • We keep optimizing the baseline adjustments and instructions for a long period of time, constantly refocusing on critical process disruptors.

Set up root cause tool:

  • Knowledge capture and transfer
  • Integrate know-how from multiple domains into a single way of working


  • Self-service maintenance, performed by the machine crew themselves, with onsite support or video and remote support

Support for continuous improvement

  • 5S – Clean and structured workplace
  • Kaizen – Brainstorm workshops
  • Kanban – Visual Management, organizing signals
  • Poka Yoke – Mistake Proofing
  • Single Minute Exchange of Dies