MSE MaSol is your partner for machine spare parts, laser cutting, machining, construction, banking, welding and 3D parts.

Types of spares

  • Improved spares
    • Do current spare parts quickly break down, suffer to much wear & tear, and do you believe a better quality is needed?
      Our engineers guide the improvement of parts that are susceptible to malfunctions, whereby you do not have to purchase these parts as often.
  • Outdated parts
    • Are some spare parts no longer available?
      Our engineers supervise the design of the outdated parts and keep your machines in production.

Deliveries & customization

Always tailor-made for appropriate service. MSE MaSol can offer various custom solutions, from fast delivery to competitive prices and everything at good quality.

  • Fast?
    • In the Netherlands we have CNC machining and construction banching capacity to respond quickly.
    • With our 3D printers we can often provide parts within the same day, even as a temporary bridging period.
  • Good & cheaper?
    • In Hungary we can provide quality CNC machining, laser cutting, typesetting for you, and have rounds delivered in the Netherlands by means of transport.
  • Serial work, without time pressure?
    • Our partner in Indonesia provides quality CNC machining products and workpieces; MSE MaSol takes care of the import for you.